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Lamp of Hope Project

"Death Roses"

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The Ombudsman Office has been alerted by a concerned offender family member that there is a website advertising products that can be mailed to an incarcerated loved one
The website lists Texas as one of the prison systems that allows these products to be shipped to offenders. Please remind your group members that the TDCJ does not allow these types of products to be shipped through the mail to offenders. The website advises customers that if the product is not delivered to the offender, there will be no refund.

The Lamp of Hope Project was founded by Texas Death Row prisoners. The non-profit organization's goals include:

... To educate the public about the death penalty and alternatives;

... To support victims' families by promoting healing and reconciliation; and

... To support prisoners' families, thereby breaking the cycle of violence.


NEW: More penpal requests added for May 2005

Inmate webpages


INFO for families and friends

Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation

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