When people ask who is James E. Session?

I want them to think of me as a gardener as is appropriate, for a grdener is one who brings to life seeds of potential, who lovingly cultivates and nurtures, who transforms the ordinary into a paradise of love and harmony.

I want them to feel the awakening of the Shakti in me, my, love, friendship, and through grace share the inner spiritual energy, the bounty of my spirit. Out of this place of darkness, feel the blooming love of my heart. And unfolding darkness and misery of others, so they too can enjoy Bliss.

When people tell others about Me.

I want them to be able to say, James is like a river of grace that flowed through the heart of people to illumine and transform their darkness to light. And that the Shaktipat within him lies at the heart of all that I try to do.

I want people to know that Shakti is in all, but only a few know its wealth. the wealth of a person is not in money. It's in his soul. Only those who are poor know the wealth I speak of. I was born poor yet I chased after wealth like many people. What I thought I was searching for was with me all the time...I was rich. One of the richest on earth. I was rich in my heart, rich in my soul. God taught me to look within my own heart. He said, "What are the most precious things in your life you value above all?" I said "My Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Wife and Daughter. " He took it away. Now what do you have? Nothing?

At this moment God took me to the desert. Only one tree was there. He showed me in a vision that a man who was rich, lost everything. Now left to bathe in his own tears. This man was under a mango tree where he was wearing a blanket. He used it for everything. When it was cold, he wore it. When he needed something to sit on, he sat on it. When he slept, he pulled it over him. This man learned that material wealth is uncertain and love, peace, happiness within your own soul is priceless and eternal.

To love yourself, to worship yourself, to honor yourself, to praise yourself, you will be giving all that is within you to God as God dwells within you. And then you will be able to give all around you this shaktipat of divine bliss. They will bathe in the radiant love within you and search within them for this oneness of God in themselves. Because in each soul is a bridge which will take them across the oceans of the world. That bridge when they reach it will shock millions of souls because it is the bridge - a natural bridge of love and compassion. It's called the Bridge of God.

That is the bridge that I try to lead everybody to - through my love and compassion.

Who am I? A bridge that leads to God.

"Darkness Reveal Light"

James E. Session

Ellis Unit, Huntsville, Texas 77343