My Prayer

by Alvin Kelly

Dear Heavenly Father,
I come to you
In the name of Jesus Christ.
I know that I am a sinner
And have been for some while.
I ask for forgiveness and understanding
And you, Jesus, to come into my life.
It wasn't until I became a man
And ended up in jail, that
I asked You into my life. I
was 34, a captain for Satan,
I thought I was King of the Road.
I wound up locked in jail
And found out no one really cares.
So as I was locked in my single cell
With nothing but me and a Bible,
I started to read, I started to pray,
"God please give me understanding".
And as I read, and God touched my heart,
I became aware of an important thing.
That Jesus Christ died for me,
So that I, too, can be free.
He gave his life for all our sins,
All we have to do is believe
That Jesus is risen
And waiting in heaven
For both you and me.