My name is Max Alexander Soffar, born 12/15/55. I am a white male, 6 ft., 190 pounds, brown hair and eyes, Jewish. I have no family and am looking for friends. Someone to count on. My mom and dad have passed away since my coming to Death Row in 1980. I am single with no children.

 I would like to recieve mail and visits from sincere people. I will answer everyone. I want someone to care. Nothing matters more!

 I will answer any and all questions about my conviction for capital murder. I was charged with three counts of capital murder during an armed robbery. I've been on death row 17 years. I build clocks, jewelry boxes, and other craft items to pass the time. All mail welcomed.

Max Alexander Soffar
Polunsky Unit #685

3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351