My name is William K. Burns. I'm a black person. I am 40 years in age. I have been on the Ellis death row unit for at least 17 years today. I would love to have some penpals, some with enough faithfulness to last, not just someone who says, well I wrote a few letters, I did my human concern of life for a prisoner. I hope I can meet a good friend, if she is female that is good too.  Being a guy, I guess that is in itself a natural thought. I do not have money - I do not have the ability for the postage - paper - pens and envelopes, etc. I do drawing as a side pleasure in the spare time. I would be more like a self-taught artist, if we had to put it into words.  I am looking for a friend! My only hope and help comes mostly from myself. I am not looking for money - but I will not refuse any help because, as a prisoner, I don‘t have the opportunity to earn any. I thank you and may God bless!

William K. Burns
Polunsky Unit #692

3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351