More than a relative, more than a
Someone that I've shared part of
            my life with.
The different paths we've taken
            in this fast and confusing life
            has brought us both many hardships.
Many times we look back
            and say to ourselves -
            "Oh, if only I'd have done this
            or it I'd done that..."
But only a fool is he who dwells
            on the past.  Wise in the one
            who sees the past as a teacher
            and gains wisdom through his trials and
            tribulations, his pitfalls and errors.
"Oh that my grief were thoroughly weighed
            and my calamity laid in the balance
            together, for it would be heavier
            than the sands of the sea."   (Job 6:2)
No matter the trouble or calamity we
            have in this life, we have
            but only one fear, this being
            the fear of God Himself.
For God has said, and it is written that...
            He will deliver us in times of trouble;
            Provide for us in times of need;
            Strengthen us in our weaknesses;
            Preserve us unto His Glory,
            And bring great wrath to those who
            Believe not in Jesus Christ.  AMEN
For whosoever believeth...
                    It is written

                                Martin A. Draughon
                                #878  Ellis Unit
                                Huntsville, Texas, 77434