I am seeking friends from all over the world.  I am originally from Queens, New York.  I am in my mid-thirties, of African, Indian and Spanish descent.  My fatherís father moved to the United States from a small village in Grenada; my motherís mother moved to the United States from the Bahama region of Nassau.  I have many varied interests. Predominately, I enjoy reading composing long, long letters; stimulating conversations, movies, art, poetry, music, cooking, sports, and everything that makes life worth living.  My passion is learning and communicating and sharing the knowledge I have gained.  I will personally answer each and every letter that I receive.  I would prefer to correspond with intellectual and adventurous women from any country.  I speak and write English only.  If you desire an intellectual and adventurous, never married man as a friend, someone who wishes to help more than to be helped, please write anything with your name and address to the address below.  Before moving to Texas I lived in Chicago, Illinois.  Prior to that I also lived in Denver, Colorado and a number of other states due to my fatherís military obligations.  My previous hobbies before my incarceration included excursions in Baja and other parts of Mexico for vacation, and touring and many hours spent gaining expertise with my poetry.  Take a chance to share a small part of your living so that I might stay in touch with whatís really real.  Texas Death Row is not real life, the existence here is chaotic and very, very dehumanizing.

Bobby Willis #000795
12002 FM 350 South
Livingston, Texas 77351