Running the race of life
    can be ran in one of thwo ways:
You can run it by yourself,
    going through it hard and fast,
Or you can run it with God -
    with patience and endurance to last.
When you run by yourself
    you run not knowing what to find -
You'll be running lost and in circles
    wondering which way to the finish line.
But when you find your final mark
    you won't have a happy story to ell,
For the finish line that you will find
    is burning in the fiery lake of hell.
Now, the other runner, running with God
    will have a joyful story to tell -
The finish line that he will find
    is eternal life in Heaven - not eternal hell!

                                Martin A. Draughon
                                #878  Ellis Unit
                                Huntsville, Texas, 77434