Zulu Warrior King Icy Red Manifesto

I cannot call myself a man, if I allow my oppressors to treat me like an animal, rather than a human being. I would rather endure the pain inflicted by their fist and feet than to suffer the humiliation of being humble in their presence. I will not be made to cower and crawl for those who would try and rob me of my pride, dignity and self-respect as a human being. I will look at those people who wish to oppress me straight in the eye and show no fear whatever.

For it has been said by Bro. George Jackson (who died for his beliefs as a man), ďI can be courageous before my enemies, because I know that I am right and they are wrong. I can even accept death if I must die for my cause, for I prefer the freedom of death over the slavery of life.Ē

What is life to me if my oppressors rob me of all my days of joy and happiness and instead fill them with misery and suffering? I will never deceive myself by saying there is nothing I can do to right this wrong. That is the greatest injustice heaped upon mankind by the oppressors, for in truth I would be saying Iím coward and afraid to approach injustice head on. I wonít submit to the whims of my enemies and to sanction their crimes with my silence. I will never under any circumstances say that someone else should fight my oppressors, if I refuse to join the battle. For I will continue to fight for life until my very last breath against all that choose to cage me like a wild animal, trying their very best to de-humanize me as a human being.

But I will fight an intelligent fight with my powerful words, I will transform my thoughts into words and express them without any limitation/reservations and this will give my oppressors something to ponder about; if I have to stand alone and fight this battle on my hands and knees with blood dripping down my back, then so be it, for every person must take a stand for what he/she believes in to try to better the situation at hand by any means necessary, for my life is very precious to me and I will continue to fight for justice within this sanguinary, very violent system which is nothing more than a modern-day plantation for all races that exist/live in this man-made Holocaust. The oppressor that continues to oppress all human beings is just like the person they call Adolph Hitler.

We all know the story that surrounds what he believed right, murdering children etc., if one doesnít know this person, run to your nearest library and read about his wicked ways bestowed upon mankind.

For the state of Texas and USA is just like this person called Hitler. He has no compassion either. The state of Texas murders children and adults with this thing they call the legalized needle, then they say donít mess with Texas.

The USA went to Iraq and murdered children and got their own people murdered also, thousand upon thousand but we know this has nothing to do with justice and protecting the American people. If one believes otherwise you are truly blind and canít see reality. For the oppressors have no love nor compassion for any human being, thatís not a part of their aristocracy and this is fact!!

For my conscience in companion enough for me.

It was Ralph Emerson that said, ďNothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your mind and no words of guilt shall ever be able to gut themselves upon my cowardliness.Ē

My rest shall be sound, shame will never fill my nights with reproaching dreams but I shall not be alone for my fight for justice, my example will attract people of all races as we refuse to live/exist like mongrel dogs within this very violent system; when they see that real justice is more than just a pipe dream. Justice in all things just like the breath I breathe and the only available to me is my own blood. It shall be shed and used for the composing of my last in humanity of man against man.