I exist within the walls of death, my strong voice sounds like a baby crying for a bottle at feeding time; no one knows the baby is hungry not even the mother. Because sheís unaware the baby is hungry, crying.

For I am that same baby that exists within the walls of death, but my cries are for humanity to know that I, Jimmy Jackson breathe as you do, sleep as you do, cry as you do, laugh as you do! Even though I exist within this unjust racist, sadistic, savage world I am not inanimate! For I have robbed, does that make me lifeless, less than human? I have stolen; does that make me lifeless, less than human? I have sold drugs; does that make me lifeless, less than human? I was a male prostitute; does that make me lifeless, less than human? For I have killed; does that make me lifeless, less than human?

I personally donít know what your answers are to the above questions, but I am a human and nothing can change me from human. For we have all sinned and asked the Creator for forgiveness for he (the Creator) only has the power to give life and take it away, for no man has that right. When one of the officers, pigs looks at me most smile in my face but talk a lot of stuff behind my back but they know the mentality of a warrior. I do have a Zulu Warrior mentality, which gives me strength to manifest to my highest evolution.

For I was only a child when I got this capital murder case at the immature age of 17 and I was a human then and Iím a human now. I have matured from boyhood to manhood and now I truly can comprehend how this plantation works against al people whether they are white, black, brown, yellow etc. Our voices must be heard!

We are humans that exist on Death Row, and we need love, compassion and understanding. For I only exist within the walls of death, I like through the stroke of my pen. Never judge an author by the book cover. Open up the book and read his words, for I want my words to have an everlasting effect upon your being, because I am human and so are you. I ask you to come into my life existence and allow me Jimmy Jackson to take you on a journey of compassion, a journey of love, a journey of life and most importantly a journey of humanity.

For no one can tell you about myself but me, because most donít know me, only family! Most donít know my real name, but it isnít Jimmy Jackson. (Jimmy Jackson is an alias) If anyone is interested in dropping me a few lines one can do so at this address:

Jimmy Jackson #835
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
TX 77315