Inside Zulu Warrior King Icy Redís World

Click: You have entered the world of Zulu Warrior King Icy Redís world. Click: The door is locked, the only way out is through death by the legalized needle! For death is reality, this world isnít built on fiction nor fantasy, as you continue to read this particular article, you will plainly see how real death is, and how inhumane this plantation truly works. Oh Yes, retardation does exist within these walls of death. You have many people that exist within the walls of death that have the mentality of a 2 or 8 year old child. Some still exist and some have been murdered by this amuck establishment that has absolutely no compassion for the human race, especially the ones that exist within the walls of death.

Itís truly a shame to see a few comrades one has known for years go insane due to the fact they canít handle the situation at hand, the torture thatís present in our everyday life! Oh without doubt there are a lot of officers that work within this modern-day plantation that would like to murder us themselves, if the opportunity presented itself! Thereís a lot of hate amongst convicts and officers, due to the fact that most donít treat us as human beings regardless of the circumstances of ones case. They will read an article on a persons case and become prejudice towards them without knowing the whole truth, then hold a personal hatred towards that individual even though thatís not a part of their job description, but thatís life in Icy Redís world.

At one time in my life existence, I demanded respect and to be treated as a human being by all the people working for the system and I still desire to have that same respect bestowed upon my being, but I use and intelligent approach rather than a radical or violent approach in all situations. I lived on F-Pod for almost 2 years and used to assault officers on a daily basis by any means necessary and there were a few comrades that would so the same. The point to our resistance was to prove that we were humans and wanted to be treated as such and in return, we would treat them (the officers) the same way, feces were thrown at them, we would get gassed because of it etc.

For all living souls that has principles and self-respect, must stand their ground as human beings, we want to be treated as humans, not as something less than human, we are not trash, we are humans and have feelings and compassion for others etc. This is hard to comprehend but this is Redís world. Even though you canít put yourself in my position or another comrades position, try to understand our situation as a whole, we are one and the same, we are human race regardless of color, race or creed. In some cases animals get better treatment than us, thatís ludicrous in my opinion, but remember this is Redís world.

Letís attempt to get a greater understanding of what the word kill means to you? Then after pondering about that, ask yourself is there a difference between murder and kill? The State calls us murderers and calls themselves killers. This is how I see it. The (State) use the word kill to be more professional and feel very comfortable using the word to murder humans that exist on the row.
Kill 1. To cause the death of; slay. 2. to destroy, extinguish. 3. to spend (time) unprofitably. 4. Informal to cause discomfort to.
Murder 1. The unlawful killing of a person, especially when deliberate or premeditated. 2. Informal Ė something very difficult, dangerous, or unpleasant. 3. To kill by an act constituting murder. 4. To spoil or mar through incompetence. 5. To defeat thoroughly.
We death row prisoners are considered murderers when the State or Government is considered killers. To my understanding deliberate or premeditated murder is what got 99% of us here on death row, so basically the State is doing the same thing they have given us death for, but they state what they are doing is legal, not in Redís world!

Itís been 18 long years since Iíve held my loved ones in a tender yet loving embrace, oh without doubt itís very hard on my being, but I have the strength to live until the creator sees fit to end my life existence, for no man can end my life, only the Almighty, for I keep the faith and remain strong and uplift the humans that live within Redís World for we all have our own world, but you have entered Redís World!

This is just another big holocaust, and thereís a lot of animosity towards this corrupt system that continued to murder innocents, the retarded, the insane and all these folks do exist within the walls of death. This is Zulu Warrior King Icy Redís World. Do you feel me? Nothing is more unbearable than watching a dead man walking every single day but this is reality in Icy Redís World, but you donít feel me.

It takes a strong mentality to survive within this amuck system, for every day that passes, one loses a little bit of ones self through all this madness. Some donít realize it, but itís there but most will admit that all their sanity is intact; but thatís nothing but a mendacity and they are afraid to accept the reality, but this only happens in Redís World!

This is just a small part of my world and itís to be continued, but this is Redís World.

In conclusion, is you are interested in writing to me or just have a question, you can find me at this address:

Jimmy Jackson #835
Zulu Warrior King Icy Red
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