My name is Jackie Barron Wilson, #000957. I'm on Death Row at Charles Terrell Unit in Livingston TX. I enjoy drawing, painting, reading books and writing poetry. I like music from Mozart to country. I'm 34 years of age, never been married nor have children, arrived here on Death Row 11/21/89. I was falsely accused and according to the jury “found guilty” and was sentenced to death. I was wrongly accused of knowingly and intentionally causing the death of the victim by striking with a motor vehicle as well as attempting to commit the offense of abduction. The crime was committed in Dallas County. The conviction was based on Circumstantial Evidence. Tests were performed on my clothing and other samples, but there was no match. I desperately wish to prove my innocence. However, I do not possess the qualifications or expertise in legal research to develop a proper investigation. Also , due to total isolation and deprivation of meaningful access to Law Library privileges (Death Row is not allowed to physically enter the Law Library) and trained Legal Assistance, is impossible to adequately address a claim of Insufficient Legal Representation. In addition my indigent status prevents me from obtaining a competent (paid) lawyer. Therefore, I have formed a Legal Defense Fund in hopes it enables me to hire an attorney. If you are able to contribute from a $ 1.00 to any amount you can afford, please mail to the Bank of America address below. Please write account number on check or money order. All monetary contributions will be used solely for Jackie B. Wilson's legal costs. Receipts and any requested information regarding your money will be gladly provided by contacting Ms. Belcher at the address below. Thank you in advance for your generosity. However, your prayers and moral support will also be acknowledged. I'm asking for your financial support because my time is running out and my life is on the hands of the state of Texas.

Contact Person:
Ms. Marie Belcher
PO. Box 170925
Dallas, TX 75217

Bank of America
Jackie B. Wilson Defense Fund
Act. #004772991647
P.O. Box 620020
Dallas, TX 75262-0020

Prayers/Moral Support :
Mr. Jackie B. Wilson
Polunsky Unit #000957
3872 F.M. 350 South
Livingston, Texas 77351