Iím requesting a pen-pal, for Iím an African-American, born April 23, 1971. Iíve been here on Death Row since 1991, and over the years Iíve been here I have grown mentally, spiritually and emotionally and I consider myself to be a man of dignity, principles, pride, self-respect, understanding and Iím straightforward. I look at others as human beings as long as they can and will look at me in the same matter, for weíre all human beings, no matter what a person has done in their life, theyíre still human, a creation of God. Since the death of my dearest mother Iíve become truly more interested in meditating and that has helped me through the hardship Iíve endured, for she was all I had. Besides meditating I enjoy reading, writing poetry and listening to music, especially jazz because it keeps me in a peaceful state of mind and in a positive outlook on life.

Regarding a pen-pal, I want to build one of the most beautiful and profoundest friendship ever endured by two intelligent human beings in our situation. A friendship on this mature can be successful if one would just remember, ďitís not the friendship that makes individuals, but the individuals which makes the friendship.Ē

Take care and know that there is someone longing for a friendship. May God continue to guide and bless you.

In high hope

LaRoyce Smith, #999007
3872 FM 350 South
TX 77351