Daryl Wheatfall
Reaching Out

Feelin' lost, alone and encaged?...

To anyone wishin' to share their thoughts and feelings with someone who'll listen, opening the door for friendship. A friend who'll be there when no one else has the time - then write now to Daryl Wheatfall, an encaged soul. An innocent man struggling to free myself from Deathrow in Livingston, Texas. 35 yrs old, enjoy writin', sports. I'm searchin' for anyone with time to share, to visit, helping me escape the lonelyness of this cage: If you like to write and are searchin' for a friend - write to me now.

You'll be freein' an encaged soul.

Daryl Wheatfall #999020
Terrell Unit
3872 F.M. 350 South
Livingston, Texas 77351