My name is Miguel Angel Martinez. I am a 27 years old mexican-american on death row, a prisoner for the past nine years. My intention writing here now is to reach out and find someone who would offer me in return the friendship and support I need in this difficult time; as I struggle for my life against the power and willingness of the state of Texas to kill me.
I hope you will contact me to find out more about me, my case/situation, and how you can help and make a difference. Don't ignore me or the facts like the court and politicians have; for instance: fingerprint evidence recovered could not be matched to me, yet was destroyed without being compared to other suspects; the work and testimony of serologist Fred Zain, of whom it has been testified and documented, reported false conclusions, did not perform tests, and whose report in my case did not match his testimony; and a secret deal (revealed) between the prosecuting district attorney and a local district judge to protect the judges son from prosecution.
I believe change can happen, and with your help I believe others can be shown yet another example of the misuse and abuse of the Texas death penalty laws. I firmly believe that it is never too late, while there is life there is time, and while there is time there is the hope a positive change can take place in my life and situation.

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