My name is Robert Earl Smith, I'm 32 years old black male on Texas Death Row. I would very much like to correspond with females 18 to 100, but men are equally welcome to respond to this letter; race/ethnic or religious background are no concern to me, only that the person is very honest... because honesty... is the ground base to every true and special friendship!! Now to tell you a little about myself, I am a very easy going, open minded person.... I am very GOD fearing and optimistic, much of my time is devoted to reading and feeling MY mind and heart with positively!!!!! and continue striving to be the best person that I can be. I have been here on death row for 10 years. However, there are several very positive factors occurring!!! concerning my case on appeal, and hopefully one day I will regain my rightful freedom. I am a very serious person, but I do have a sense of humor and I enjoy nothing more to see a person smile... my interest are basic, although I do enjoy the finer things in life, the simply things are as IMPORTANT to me. I'm pretty sure that a lot of people wonder what is the worst part of serving a 'Death Sentence'!!! For me, it's losing so many people to the execution chamber, and without knowing if I would be next. Then there's the boredom state of mind!! My reading, nor anything else I do could possibly take the place or pass the time like an important friend on the outside or someone that understands and cares about my welfare. I don't expect pen-pal to only write me the positive aspect of life, because I am very conscious about the tragedies and misfortunes that occur right before our own eyes. Nobody's perfect, we have to take the bitter with the sweet. We can share the good time, as well the bad. IN CLOSING I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS INTRODUCTORY LETTER!!! PLEASE BE ASSURED THAT IF YOU CHOOSE TO RESPOND I WILL BE OPEN, AND TOTAL HONEST TO ANY INQUIRY THAT YOU MAY HAVE FOR ME. I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU VERY SOON IN HOPES OF ESTABLISHING REGULAR CORRESPONDENCE, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY.... A VERY, VERY TRUE FRIENDSHIP!!! Respectfully!

Robert Earl Smith

Robert Earl Smith #999033
Polunsky Unit
3872 F.M. 350 South
Texas 77351