My name is Randolph M. Greer.  I am a 24 year old African American male who has been incarcerated for the past 6 years on a capital murder conviction.  I have been fighting that conviction for the past 5 years form Texas' Death Row. 

        I am from North Carolina, where my family and my beautiful daughter still remain.  Having no family support here in Texas made it very easy for me to be convicted in Harris County, a county that has sent more men to Death Row than any STATE in the nation! 

        There are many inconsistencies in my trial, but fighting a capital murder conviction is a long, lengthy and time-consuming process that requires a thorough investigation and proper representation.  I am trying to obtain the necessary help to make this possible.  I am looking for people who are willing to help me this process. 

        With my family so far away, they are only able to keep in touch through letters.  They come once a year to visit which is the only time that I am able to visit with my daughter.

 I want to be able to one day return home to my beautiful daughter.  I need help to make this possible.  I could use some friends for moral support and also those to help with my case. 

    Contact me at:Randolph M. Greer 

    Randolph M. Greer
    Polunsky Unit  #999042 
    3872 FM 350 South
    Livingston, TX 77351