Whoever you are, wherever you are. May you feel the goodness and sincerity of my words...
I wish to find a special friend to share this passion I still have for life. My name is Steven Moody, I'm 40 years old with dark hair and eyes.  I stand just over 6 feet and weigh 190 pounds. I feel that I am tasteful, tactful and respectful at all times. I enjoy a good book, listening to all kinds of music and sharing through letters with the few close friends that I have. I have many experiences with life and living to fall back on, and I still have a very enthusiastic optimism for life and all it holds. So please, do take the time to write me a few lines, you just might be pleasantly surprised...
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Steven Moody
Polunsky Unit #999076
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX  77351