Well, I am Marvin Lee Wilson and I was born and raised in the city of Beaumont, Texas Northside. I am the second of six children which are three boys and three girls. I'm an African American man, 44 ˝ years of age. I stand 5 feet 10 inches tall and I weigh 190 pounds. I have deep brown eyes accompanied by a big bright smile always – not that I'm always happy or have a reason to smile, but smiling is my way of overcoming the misery of each day in here. I have a semi-head of salt-and-pepper hair but my beard is more gray than it is black, yet it's salt-and-peppered too. I am a very delightful image of good health and I enjoy all physical sports and when being on Ellis unit I ran the basketball and handball court just as hard as the young men did. But now I hustle hard in my workout which consists of 500 push ups and pull ups and 300 stomach crunches within my one hour recreation time.. I also love playing Big Six, Chess and the Scramble word game but haven't been able to since being on Polunsky Unit. So now I love reading much more than when on Ellis because it's one of the two things we are able to do in our 23 hour stay in the cell. The other is writing letters which I love doing. However, I find myself needing someone to write to so here I am reaching out to you.

I have been incarcerated for 9 years and 7 months and 8 days and three hours, ten minutes, 36 seconds to this very moment, and I have had two unjust trials within this time but I am by all means trusting in GOD to bring the truth to the light and pure justice forward for all I know He's able. Amen.

I find it a bit embarrassing to say; yet it's the truth that I am one very miserable lonely man here on TDR and have made the most of my time here but now it's getting the best of me. And so I thought I'd better reach out for correspondence with a prayer to receive some one who has the time to be my window to life outside these death row walls and are willing to share understanding, compassion and friendship with me because “oh” how I could use a breath of excitement that a new friend can bring into my life.

Well, I hope that is enough information of myself for one to consider becoming my penfriend

"From the pureness of my heart I come”

Marvin L. Wilson
Polunsky Unit/999098
3872 FM 350 South