It's been 9 years since I left that world, so my memory is a little bit blurry on certain things. But I still try to imagine what life may be like out there now… The places, the people, or like a simple little thing like a hug from my little niece. Unfortunately, and to make matters worse, I find myself on Death Row, where I have been since the very immature age of 17.

I asked myself, if I were to write a letter with my thoughts and feelings, would somebody out there decide to enrich my imagination? So, here I am… Hi! And whoever is reading this I hope that this letter will find you doing OK.

I know out there in the real world, where I am is somewhat of a mystery to some. But I know that a lot of people are fully aware of what is going on in America, and basically it's just another way to be reminded of all the crazy things that go on in this world. I'm sure that many of you have had a sad moment in life, that you've thought things were unfair to you, that you may have questioned the reality of things, maybe even shed your tears for it. You know, at the back of my cell I have this little window where I am able to see some sky, and some landscape. This is where I come to question my reality, to escape this madness in here. It's not much of a sight, but it's a nice thought. And as I have a sad moment in my life right now, I figured I could share it with you.

Why my life was chosen for such a sad destiny… I don't know? I was thrown in Death Row along with four other guys. But you know, I'm not here to write about my case, I'm here to find a friend, an outlet to that world. Besides, I'd rather you write me because I'm human and not because I convinced you I'm innocent… don't you think?

As I'm here to find a friend, I know you wonder about me… like, if I have dreams?… Of course I do! It's because of these dreams that I keep going. Dreams of what it's like to experience being a father, to have my own family. I like to experience the feeling to mentor a juvenile and help him go the right way. As nobody helped me, and look at where I am at, in a cage, awaiting fate, suffering and lonely. I know I have been hurting for so many years, and I would not want for a kid to go through the same hell as I am. But as you know that I have been here since the age of 17, so I can keep going on and on and on, know what I mean? But you see, I do have dreams! Do I have a family? Yes I do! And I'm very happy to have them! I still have my parents, and I have four sisters. In Texas we are not allowed to have contact visits, so it has been 9 years without a hug from them. But at least we get to visit each other.

Well, besides my dreams, I'm a humorous type of person and very well qualifies to put a smile on your face, however down in the abyss I may be. I enjoy all kinds of music very much, that's my thing, music. I'm a little bit of a crooner, I admit, but I sing good… for real! My nationality is Mexican America and I'm fluent in both Spanish and English. I'm 26 years old, a little on the slim side, but I work out on a daily basis to keep my body on the righteous order. I'm a sensitive individual with the capacity to give friendship in return. But if it's of any help to get you to exchange smiles with me, I'm providing a photo with this request. Should you chose to reply and if you wish to provide a photo of yourself that would be fine. But a photo isn't really important, as I would be your friend with or without one.

Well, this is my folks, or a little something of me. I thank you for reading this letter in its entirety and hope that you will decide to drop me a few lines. I appreciate a good friend.


Efrain Perez
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Texas 77351