my name is Tony Dixon. I am 22 years old. I was born in Houston and spent all of my life there. My mother has supported me since my incarceration. I have a brother and one sister, who both love me. My father passed away before I was born.
Let me tell you a little about myself. I enjoy basketball and football (the American vesion). I love to listen to music, when I have the chance.  Horseback riding was something I loved to do. I enjoy watching movies very much. I love to get letters as well. My reading and writing skills are not very good. But I promise to respond to any and every letter. I am interested in all male and female pen pals. I have no problem with age. Being here, letters bring me so much joy. Making friends is something I look forward to doing. I love pets also. I hope this brief description of myself spark an interest in someone.
I have been incarcerated since the age of 17. At the age of 18, I was sentenced to death. I will answer any questions that I can.. My case is on appeal and at the moment I can not go into full details as to the who, when, where and how, I am here. I know there will be questions and I want to answer them. To become a friend, I feel people must be honest with one another.  However long I have to stay here, I hope to have a friend I can write.
You can ask anything you want. Please forgive me when I speak of the American justice system. I may sound rude. As long as I sit here, I can't say the justice system is fair to all people. It is hard to understand the system, until you end up on the wrong side of the law.
I have learned so much. I came to death row in 1995. I have seen for myself how prisoners are really treated. This is not T.V.. This is real life. There are no golf courses here, fun in the sun. There is no swimming pool. There was a time we were allowed out of our cell for 3 hours a day. (Mon thru Fri) now it is only 2 hours a day. What is punishment? To stay in a cell 22 hours a day and 24 hours a day on the weekend? Do you treat your pets this way? There is so much I would love to tell. Also, there is so much I would love to learn. I am open to every subject. No one can offend me. As I write this letter, a man was put to death last night and another man will be put to death tonight. My last question to you is: Will the world be a better place after he is dead? I hope the world opens their eyes.
Sincerely, Tony Dixon. Please write to:

Tony Dixon #999138
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Texas 77351