Hmmmm, what am I looking for in a pen-pal? Well, I guess I'm looking for the same qualities you are… in a true friend, that is.

Sensitivity, certainty, humor, concern, honesty, encouragement, openness, moral support, the pleasure and excitement of mutual discovery, a soft cushion, someone who will push me to accomplish my goals – helping bring me closer to the person I wish to be, and someone who will give me a swift kick when I falter! And you have to have starry eyes and a bright smile because that stuff rubs off you know? (smile!)

Everyone needs a safe place from time to time where we can be certain to find a sincere, listening ear, open arms and quality conversation where we can enjoy being a pupil, and a teacher simultaneously. True communication within friendship can expand our understanding and thoroughly entertain us right down to the core of our being, promoting a fundamental fulfillment and relief… Simple!

Sometimes we just need a personal rendezvous where we can share dreams, life, and just be as free as a bird. Free from the world's relentless clamor.

So write to me now and lets get this show on the road!

There is no voice, no cry for help, and no sound in the world that can be heard, unless someone listens…

Robert Shields
Terrell Unit/999166
12002 FM 350 South
Texas, 77351