EXTREMELY HANSOME BILLIONAIRE WANTING SPECIAL LADY IN HIS LIFE OF LUXURY-BUT-LONELINESS. OK, so I lied! But at least I got your attention! (smile). I’ve had “pen-pals” come and go in my life for 8 years now. I seem to attract single women who write to me in-between boyfriends, then dump me as soon as they find someone on the outside. I want and need a FRIEND!... someone willing to get involved with me, and wants our relationship to endure through thick and thin. I have an “actual innocence claim” in my appeal, and am working hard at fighting for an acquittal and pardon. Due to the unfortunate corruption in our system, it seems that in order to get true justice, it’s necessary to take the fight to the public’s eye. Therefore I am needing a friend willing to help me by at least placing my fight on the internet by typing some of my material for a website. Due to my very limited funds, stamps and lack of visitors, I’m hoping for someone local (Livingston/Houston area) to get involved with me. But a U.S. resident is definitely preferred. Sex of person is not important, nor are looks, age and weight if female. I just need a friend. As for me, I still have a good sense of humor, 3 precious children (who I currently have no contact with), an A.A. college degree, a good heart, and a strong drive to fight for justice. I hope YOU will write to me TODAY!

Your friend in waiting,

Bobby Fratta

Please visit this page to read an open letter from Bobby, to the Harris county DA, Chuck Rosenthal.

Bobby Fratta #999189
3872 FM 350 South
TX 77351