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An open letter to Harris County District Attorney, Chuck Rosenthal

Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal is a corrupt liar. In his letter printed in the 12/14/02 Houston Chronicle, Rosenthal stated: “At a minimum, a death penalty case is reviewed by… at least 1 federal Supreme Court Justice during direct appeal.” The truth is the Justices only review about 100 out of 7,000 appeals submitted annually. It is the clerks to the Justices who do the initial reviewing of direct appeals. As proof, my direct appeal certiorari was “denied WITHOUT review” by the Justices, even though mine is a grave matter of life and death.

In a letter Rosenthal wrote dated 7/9/02 in reply to a concerned friend of mine, he stated: my case “is still on direct appeal”, and that I will be able to “file a writ of habeas corpus”. The truth is my direct appeal was denied way back on 6/30/99, and my writ of habeas corpus was filed way back on 10/27/98. Rosenthal’s office even filed a rebuttal to my habeas back on 7/8/99! In that same letter, he told my friend that I will be assigned “a judge to conduct a hearing into the matters [I am alleging]” and that “ALL allegations WILL be vetted in due course”. The truth is I was assigned Judge Belinda Hill back in ’98, and she has NOT conducted any hearings, and NONE of my allegations have been vetted. The truth also is that Rosenthal is refusing to turn over evidences requested by my attorney in a Motion for Discovery!

I have written Mr. Rosenthal several times (certified mail), asking him to perform his duties mandated by state and federal law and honor the oath of office he took simply by turning over all the evidences he is intentionally withholding, plus investigate the vital piece of evidence I sent to him, along with investigating the numerous other felonies and civil rights violations in my case. He is REFUSING to investigate, answer my letters, and obey the laws and oath, all because he doesn’t want to admit I was framed, so I can be acquitted and pardoned.

I have also written to the FBI numerous times asking them to investigate all the police, prosecutor and judge misconduct and corruption in my case, but they refused also. As it turned out, Chuck’s wife Cynthia Rosenthal is a lead agent for the FBI!

I am also hoping that someone who reads this open letter is concerned enough about truth and justice to get Mr. Rosenthal to do the following:

1) Investigate the document I sent him in which my wife and her father, Lex Baquer, forged my signature in order to steal $150,000 I had acquired and placed in a bank for my 3 children, and file charges against Lex Baquer.
2) Turn over the entire unedited 15 ½ hour videotape of my custodial interrogation to prove that detectives Danny Billingsley and Bruce Williams kicked and punched me repeatedly while I was handcuffed to a chair, and that none of the detectives let me call my attorney or make any phone calls. The tape will also prove other civil rights violations, and that the detectives lied in my trial. Then file appropriate charges against all detectives involved.
3) Turn over all my home phone records he’s had since before my trial to prove I never called anyone as they brainwashed my 9 year old son to testify, and file charges on the prosecutors for having my phone records yet intentionally using my innocent son to testify something they knew was false, and also told the jurors that I called my “co-defendant” when they knew I made no phone calls at all.
4) Turn over all surveillance records, phone records and phone recordings to prove I never called the insurance company to demand my wife’s insurance as the prosecutors claimed, and file charges on the prosecutors for intentionally using testimony they knew was false.
5) Turn over all the records of Kevin Miller’s conversation with detectives about his knowledge of my wife’s death, and file charges on the detectives for withholding this crucial evidence.
6) Turn over all the records of Kevin Miller’s sudden death about a week after his speaking with detectives.
7) Exhume Kevin Miller’s body and have an independent autopsy conducted to prove he was murdered. Then file charges for false suicide report, and investigate why he was murdered and by whom, and file charges. Kevin’s mother , ex-girlfriend and friends all believe he was murdered and want this investigated.
8) Turn over the phone records from the phone Bill Planter was on when he was arrested, and identify who he was speaking with at the time, because he told a state informant he was speaking with “the shooter” of my wife.
9) Explain how Bill Planter knew I no longer had access to the $150,000, when the only people who “should” have known at that time were Farah (my wife) and Lex Baquer!
10) File aggravated perjury against detective Billingsley for testifying that Prystash told him that I had promised to pay him my Jeep, when in fact Billingsley’s own brief notes on this alleged conversation make no mention of a Jeep at all! Billingsley lied about that conversation, and in particular about the Jeep, just so he could match what the indictment against me states!
11) File aggravated perjury against detective Valerio for testifying that he let me make phone calls. Simply have him tell you which phone he claims I used, and get the phone records to prove he’s a liar. Plus view the unedited video of my interrogation as further proof.
12) Investigate and file judge and prosecutor misconduct for not holding hearings pursuant to CCP art 38.22 when we informed the court that Prystash and Guidry’s “confessions” were not voluntarily given, and, that I never voluntarily signed any consent to search my car.
13) Investigate and file judge and prosecutor misconduct for allowing state’s witnesses Melton and Parker to wear their Public Safety/Police uniforms in my trial, but ordering that my Chief and other co-workers could not wear their uniforms while testifying for me.
14) File Judge and prosecutor misconduct for denying to allow my attorneys to give the jurors details about Farah’s requesting her doctor prescribe Prozac because she felt sure she was going to lose custody of the children to me, as the doctor specified in his notes.
15) File judge and prosecutor misconduct for denying the admittance of Farah’s deposition to be read to the jurors, and file aggravated perjury against her attorney James Beeler for claiming Farah only alleged that I “wanted” her to perform certain sexual acts with me. The truth is Farah claimed I “forced” her to do those things to me, and that she performed them on me “every day”! The deposition properly revealed Farah’s desperate state of mind, whereas the evidence presented at trial implied I wanted her to do those things but she could never and would never do anything like that. The deposition also shows how she lied about it all.
16) File prosecutor misconduct for withholding that Farah refused to pay the house mortgage for 5 months yet she had thousands in the bank. Then explain why she would allow a house with $20,000 equity, and which she told the social worker she would remain in if she won custody of our children, suddenly let go into foreclosure proceedings timed perfectly for right after the custody hearing, if she was so sure she would win custody.
17) File prosecutor misconduct for failing to present the insurance check for the carpet replacement, to show the jurors the date and time it was cashed, which would correlate with the arrival of the carpet, and prove I was telling the truth.
18) Turn over the hypnosis records for eye witness Laura Hoelscher, and explain why she was secretly hypnotized into forgetting about seeing the second suspect at the scene who was wearing “red or maroon pants”, and who she described as the shooter in her report on the night of Farah’s death. File police misconduct for intentionally brainwashing Ms. Hoelscher, who now has her memory back about seeing the unknown suspect in red or maroon.
19) Turn over any and all information as to the identity of the shooter in “red or maroon pants”, and file prosecutor misconduct on Kelly Seigler for telling the jurors that there was no other suspect, and claimed the red or maroon Ms. Hoelscher saw was merely a “mist of blood” emitted when Farah was shot, when in fact there was NO mist spray of blood evidence at the scene to even support Seigler’s outright lie!
20) File police misconduct and other related chares for their claiming Prystash gave them a custodial confession. As proof the confession was made up and written by detectives, that supposed confession states the getaway car was a “cherry colored Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue” when in fact it was a “Silver colored Nissan”. In the corrupt detective’s lying haste, they mistakenly wrote down the car Prystash was arrested in rather than the actual getaway car! (see the Prystash confession)
21) File aggravated perjury against Lex Baquer for lying about giving my gun (the supposed “murder weapon”) to me shortly before Farah’s death. He never gave it back to me as he testified! Also explain the discrepancies between Mary Gipp saying my gun was in Prystash’s possession in June ’94 but described it as being “silver” when in fact it’s midnight blue, versus Lex testifying that my gun was in Farah’s possession until August or September of ’94. If Prystash really had my gun in June ’94, that would mean Farah was the one who gave it to him since it was in her possession! Also explain how any reasonable and prudent person would believe that after almost 3 years of a bitter divorce in which Farah was refusing to give me any of my belongings, and during which she was claiming to be in fear for her life, and in particular, in fear of me, she would suddenly give the gun to Lex to give back to me very shortly before we were scheduled to go to trial to settle the division of all our property.
22) Explain why an ousted visiting judge was called in to handle my case rather than using a constitutionally elected judge presiding over any one of the other courts.
23) Explain why your office was so hell-bent on seeking the death penalty for me from the onset, when in fact I was a model citizen who never committed an act of violence in his life, and am not even accused of committing any act of violence in my wife’s death, nor accused of being at the scene.

Even though I’ve been professing my innocence from the onset, including while being beaten by out of control detectives, I realize everyone still thinks I’m guilty. People thought the same of my brother –in-law, Randall Dale Adams, up until he was finally exonerated and acquitted. But regardless of your feelings for me, it’s plain to see there is something very strange going on in my case with all the lies, corruption, misconduct, withholding of evidences, and the uninvestigated mysterious murder of a key witness who could have exonerated me, all just to get me convicted and sentenced to be killed, and continuing now to keep me from being exonerated and acquitted. I am only asking for ALL the evidences in my case to be revealed so that the facts can speak for themselves.

Will someone reading this PLEASE have Chuck Rosenthal simply obey the laws, perform his duties, and honor his oath by simply investigating all my claims, turning over all the evidences, and telling the truth for a change?

Thank you

Robert Fratta
Polunsky Unit #999189
3872 FM 350 South
TX 77351