Johnny Johnson writes:

Hi, my Friend; 
    You may not know me in the carnal sense of speaking but I'm sure our spirits have showered each other with great blessings of comfort and peace in the body of our Lord Jesus Christ, so please allow me to introduce myself.

     My name is Johnny Johnson, a ten-month Christian on Death Row.  Now, I do not use the term "death row" as a means of pity, but as a means of blessing.  What do I mean by the statement I just made?  Please let me explain.

     I had many opportunities to heed God's warning in the free world, but I chose to be ignorant of His knowledge (before my Christ-ship) of how to fight the spiritual forces of the dark world.  And by heeding unknowingly to those spiritual hosts of the dark world, I now live in what I call "The World of the Dead."

     I've been blessed to live 39 years plus, though at one time in my life I used to ask why.  I've never been married nor do I have any children that I know of but I do love children very much.  As a matter of fact, back in  '82 I counseled retarded children in Austin, Texas my home town.  Speaking of Austin!  It's a wonderful place!  Hopefully I can tell you about it some day if you decide to correspond with me.

     I came up in many different foster homes starting at the age of 6.  So I never knew my family in the normal sense of knowing one.  I love to sing songs of praise to God.  I have a few hobbies that consist of jogging, and crafting.

     I've become a sports fan since my incarceration because of so much free time I believe.  Basketball is a favorite sport and I can even play a little bit.  Most of the inmates on Death Row call me Rev. Bruiser.  Not because of my name but because of my religion and because I preach just a wee too much.

     Most of all I love the Word of God.  For me, I would have perished before they gave me the death sentence and went on to eternal damnation.  But now that the Holy Spirit of God has moved me forward towards His eternal Plan for my Salvation.  This will be a difficult challenge in my Christian Life.

     Now I must learn even more to depend on Him for deliverance.  This does not mean I simply sit down and let my mind go blank and attempt to block out reality.  To me, total dependence means I am going to trust the Lord constantly. 

    Well I would like to say much more but do not want to say it in this letter, for I hope to correspond with you and then we can talk about things together and have a joyous time. 


Johnny Johnson
Polunsky Unit #999197 

3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351