To Whom It May Concern:

Well, let me begin this letter by saying hello. My name is Shannon C. Thomas. I'm a 30 year old male that has been incarcerated on Texas death row since December 5, 1996. I would very much like to correspond with a pen-friend in hopes of building a truly genuine friendship that I am very much in need of.

Now let me give you a brief description about myself. I'm a very easy going, open minded person, somewhat of an optimist, as well as a leader by nature. I'm a very honest person and those are the type of people with whom I choose to associate myself with. My birthday is 7-27-71. Height is 5ft 8 inches. I am roughly 235 pounds in weight. Well I'm a serious person but I do have a sense of humor and I enjoy nothing more than to see a person smile. My nationality is African American by label. Really I'm a people person but mostly I enjoy interaction with females on all levels. By the way, I would prefer females of 23 years old or older, if possible, but men are equally welcome to respond to my letter if they wish to do so.

My interests are basic enough although I do enjoy the finer things in life but the simple things are just as important to me as well. I enjoy mostly all sports football, basketball, baseball etc. Guess you can say I'm a saportaholic. I love pretty much all type and style of music because I feel that music is a universal language that any and everybody can feel and understand. I love good movies, scary, romantic, comedy, and I love reading a good book and poetry. One more thing race/ethnic or religious background are of no concern to me. Only that the person is open to regular correspondence and building a true friendship.

In closing I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to read my introduction letter. Please be assured that if you decide to respond and write me that there's a lot more to the man behind this pen, therefore I'm waiting to hear from you. I'm ready to establish a regular correspondence and true friendship.


Shannon C. Thomas

Shannon C. Thomas
Polunsky Unit/999213
3872 FM 350 South