I find it rather difficult to write an 'open-letter' without a person to direct my attention toward. Therefore I ask that the reader not be mislead into believing me to be shallow or without depth...
I am a man incarcerated on the infamous Texad death row; am an indigent prisoner who has no one able to procure the funds to assist my growth, mental-stability. Of course, there are myriad of things needed on death row which lends to one fight for life as well as emancipation, and his sanity. Even so, I am a man of conscience and consciousness. This, which disallows me to simply accept sympathy on-rewarded. I have often times attempted to reach out to a person who could possibly aid me. To no avail.
I am an artist, of sorts. "Of Sorts, " because I am very limited by both my mental state - from being here and facing what I do face, as well as being surrounded with and by those whom have undergone a certain psychiosi because of the full conditions and the creative bloc that has prevented me from producing good impinative works.
I draw mostly what I see-literally. I do add and subtract to make the sight my own. Because of the low grade and quality of utensils here, I am thus limited to ink-pen-art. Even-so I've been lauded as extremely talented and worthy of better business by fellow constituents. Hopefully, this can be established...
I'm asking now for both friendship as well as potential outlet and/or person(s) willing to build a rapport, exchange ideas and eventually establish a base whereby my talent may be showcased. My problem lies in not having a portfolio of any size that would surely serve to punctuate this letter and lend credibility to my claims of artistic value. This, of course can be dealt with and worked around if only I had the assistance of someone knowledgeable in the avenues of free-lance art sales. I'm reaching out and I am asking that someone reach back.
Note: I tend to lean mostly toward Afro-cantric works in particular; historical/cultural works in general. In other words, I would like that my work stand for something worth teaching/learning or being used as a tool to do so with. In closing, as well as my desire to reach out to anyone interested in the art works I may offer, I also ask that anyone who believe they may help me in my plight against injustice, blatant disregard for fairness under the law, classism, racism in our court system.
I'm also asking for a chance...

Marcus B. Cotton #999252
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Texas 77351