My name is Marcos. Iím now 24 years old. Iíve been here since I was 17 years old. Iím from Houston, Texas (Harris County) which is the place that wrongfully has sent over 200 folks to DR. I was wrongfully charged with Capital murder because the truth, my case isnít a capital one. Iím in desperate need of help as my time is getting shorter and the government is all but to blood thirsty to kill. I see so many being sent away to die and the truth hits home. I may die before I ever get to live and I want to live. I want to spare my Mamma and family all of the heartache they have inside. Iím supposed to have been unrehabilitable and thatís obviously a lie cuzz I have seen a new view and value on life.

Please, Please!! If anyone who reads this is wanting to be friends and/or help with legal aid please contact me. And 24 up is preferred for penpals, thank you. Also I enjoy and have an interest in Martial Arts, Singing, Drawing and I love Muszo!, food and the history of my Raza ďLatino Pride!Ē. Iím 6í1Ē, medium build, brown hair and hazel eyes. Iím of Mexican, Indian and Siczilian heritage. My main love in life is my Momma and Dad and I love Jonezing around cuzz thereís always a reason to smile.

Yaíll take care and may God bless.

Marcos Arturo Sanchez
Polunsky Unit #999254
3872 FM 350 South