Greetings friends!

Looking for a friend, a potential lifemate, or someone to share your qualities with? Well look no further. I can be all that and more. My name is Will Wyatt, but I go by ďROMEOĒ. I am looking for someone to become lifelong friends with. I love meeting people with a great sense of humor and zest for life. I am incarcerated in the state of Texas for a crime I did not commit and would like to correspond with individuals who would like to help me prove my innocence. I am a very easy going type person who loves people. I have never been incarcerated before and feel this will somehow give people a false sense of who I am. All I ask is that one gets to know me and see for yourself, and if you donít agree and stop corresponding, no hard feelings. But if you do you gain a friend for life. I donít ask for anything other than you be a friend for life, and have an open mind. You donít have anything to lose, and plenty to gain. Now, a little about myself. I am 39yrs old and my birthday is on Dec 20th. I am from Detroit, Michigan and spent some time in the military (marines). I speak a few of the native languages of the countries I have travelled to, and a couple I learned on my own. I speak Japanese, Korean, Tagalog (Philippines), from my travels and Swahili and Spanish, on which I done on my own. I have 3 sisters (2 older, 1 younger). I have one surviving parent (my mother), my father passed away in June í02. I have 2 young girls, 14 and 7. I am working my fingers to the bone to get them back and any help to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. I am 6ft 2in tall and weigh 225lbs. Brown skin, green eyes. Iím looking for people who like to laugh and have a zest for life. I love sports (all) but mostly football, baseball, hockey and basketball. I love to draw, read, write, poetry and learning about other people and their cultures. If you have the heart and drive to want to help right a wrong and bring a family back together, then please write and lets get this friendship started. I donít have very much time, due to my appeals being in the last stages, so please hurry and correspond. All who do correspond can be assured that a response would be forthcoming. Thank you all for your interest and help in advance.

Your friend

Will ďRomeoĒ Wyatt #999255
3872 FM 350 South
TX 77351