Larry Wooten
Hello! My name is Larry W. Wooten, #999269. My age is 42 and my weight 182 Lbs. I am 5'5, black skin color brown and I'm on Texas Death Row. I have been on the DR for 3 years now although I'm locked up in what is known here as total isolation. I would like to exchange letters with someone in hope of bringing some sunshine into my isolated world of darkness and I would like to bring some sunshine into your days as well. Because facing each day alone here in isolation is truly scarey so I truly feel the need to talk with someone. I'm hoping to exchange letters with someone mature, has a great sense of humor, very understanding, caring, open minded and are willing to share a little like on the outside world with a totally isolated DR prisoner. Also someone who I can share with on all levels of life and they do the same in return. Hopefully we'll become good friends.


Larry Wooten
Polunsky Unit/999269
3872 FM 350 South