My name is El-Melchizdek (Robert Thompson). I am a 26 year old African American who is from Houston, Texas. I have been on Death Row for 3yr. I was interested in writing a pen-pal because it gets pretty desolate in here at times. I am a very outgoing person who is looking to write the same. I enjoy talking about life and social matters. I like reading, drawing (I draw a little), or just kicking it back and forward in a letter. We don't have much social activity on the Row so it would be really good to write someone for some stimulating conversation. Now if you are someone who enjoys pondering and debating philosophers, politic and other social matters then I'm the one you want to write. I would feel honored to hear from you. I leave you with this:

How may emotion be condition in a way that my spirit may pour onto a world that is not yet seen, what is internal, the reality of this is that my conscious seeks too hard to be heard.

A verse from “Thought” by El-Melchizdek

El-Melchizdek (Robert Thomson)
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