Hello!! my name is Charles Don Flores, and I'm currently on Texas Death Row. My cause is pending appeals. If you would like to know more about my case contact me at my address and I will discuss it with you. I will say this my issues in the appeal process are very strong ones and I am in high hopes of being granted a new trial in which I willl be given my freedom. The best word to describe life on Death Row is bleak. It is very lonely here. At times it's ruff. We have no contact with each other here other than yelling at each other from cell to cell. At times it' s tuff not to let my situation get to me, but I do my best to stay positive and enjoy each day as much as possible. I have been incarcerated since May 1998. Lots of changes have come about since then. I am in contact with my mom and dad and write them a few times a month. I have brothers and sisters but there too busy with there lives to stay in contact with me. Sad but true. So the only visits I get are from mom and dad every now and again as they are older now and it's not easy for them to visit. I am 30 years old, 6 ' tall with black hair and dark brown eyes. I am a mexican male who is proud of his culture and background. I think of myself as a Great friend. I am very loyal to my friends and will do most anything for a friend in need. I'm a friendly guy but am honest and straightforward and will tell you what I think and feel. I am seeking true and meaningful friendships. I enjoy making new friends, and just meeting new people. I am a good listener and want to hear whatever you feel like saying. I would like to be your good friend, one you can feel comfortable sharing anything with. I enjoy thought provoking conversation, as I have a serious intelligent side to me. As well as a fun loving joking, like to make you laugh side of me as well. I would like it very much if you got to know them both. My hobbies include following: Books. I enjoy reading history, science, philosophy, as well as fiction of all kinds. Music. All kinds, country, classic rock, R&B;, pop, as well as Tejano and other mexican music. Creating Art. I draw with ink pens and colored pencils, as well as paint with water colors. I get much satisfaction out of creating art and sending to someone who cares and will enjoy my work. And writing letters and making new friends. I really enjoy this. I have 23 hours a day to write letters and besides an infrequent visit every now and then, letters are my only contat with the freeworld. So my correspondence is precious to me. I hope to have interested you with this little bit about myself. Would you like to know more about me? Well, it would be great to hear from you, I'd enjoy that very much! Anyone is welcomed to contat me. I answer ALL my letters. When you write, if at all possible, please enclose a photo of yourself. That would make my day. I love photos. Thank You! And I hope to hear from you very soon.

Charles Don Flores #999299
Polunsky Unit
3872 F.M. 350 South
Texas 77351