To those curious:

Hello you! This day is about to become extraordinary. You'll come to know me, my pleas, my pursuit, and that you are vital to my liberty. Your help, support, consideration and patience are what I ask of you.

I was born September 20th, 1980, in Dallas, Texas. My father was a diligent man with ambitions, and my mother; she showcased unconditional love. Dugs left my father as a broken man… when I was of the tender age of five. Curiosity can take blame for the things that make us cry. He exposed my mother. My mother conquered, and we united later in life, but my father lacked that self-discipline. My mother struggled and committed herself to two jobs for me and an older brother. I blessed her with a grandson – my son. He's two.

At the age eighteen, I was charged with capital murder. Without proper funds to retain my own lawyer I was appointed counsel to represent me. I stood vulnerable, being crucified. I was young and ignorant of the law, and thus this system victimized me. I was wrongly convicted – the evidence shows. With extreme passion I set out to defend my human dignity! I feel it's my obligation to convince you of why I make this claim and why you should support me with “overwhelming factual information” and I certainly intend to.

Friends and supporters who become part of my congregation will have the opportunity to view my web page: “First hand knowledge” where I will disclose factual sufficient information of my aspects. I will hold nothing back. Police reports, statements, witness testimony etc. Its you benevolent people that chose to help my defense funds that need and will receive unlimited information.

May I enlighten you? I am residing on Texas Deathrow. The death penalty here in Texas isn't effective. Innocent people are being killed! When holding the power of “life and death” we need to know our system is effective. The system is corrupt and there is no “Justice” if you are of the low class. It's time we unite for the human rights in the United States of America. Texas maintains the nock-name: “The Killing Machine”. 62% of the United States believes that innocent people are being executed. The people (we – US) have the power! Why then isn't the congress listening?? Incompetent defense lawyers are being imposed. Experienced lawyers are being underpaid by the court to represent defendants, causing a laziness in a full rational investigation. It was discovered that 65% of all cases on deathrow are constitutionally flawed. Our constitutional amendments are supposed to protect us from “cruel and unusual punishment and harassment.”

Justice Blackman of the United States Supreme Court summarized his position in the following extract: Twenty years have passed wince this court declared that the death penalty must be 'imposed fairly and with reasonable consistency' or not at all and, despite the efforts of the states and counties to devise legal formulas and procedural rules to meet this daunting challenge, the death penalty remains fraught with arbitrariness, discrimination, caprice and mistake. (This is the voice of Justice – there must be a major problem).

It is sad that if you are a poor man in the system that there is no justice for you. This country is not governed by the United State Constitution and as long as the capitalists are in control, we will always give property the priority over humanity. In my quest to pursue my ambitions I have a vision of freedom.

I have needs, my life is precious. I need you, benevolent one. Together we can become those voices that can change this fallible system. I need the assistance of a skilled lawyer, and without any means of making wages – I can't. I call on you personally to get involved or indirectly involved – the call is yours. I call on you to help contribute to the Derrick Lamone Johnson Defense Fund. I heard them talk about an angel… Commit with me.

Benevolent one, it would be detrimental if I was to be secretive. If you have any questions, please freely express them. If you are willing to Unite 4 Justice – contact me

For more information, please visit my webpage

For your patience and understanding: with respect and humbleness, I thank you


Derrick Johnson Lamone
Polunsky Unit 999339
3872 FM 350 South