The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering it's prisons
Dostoevski The House of the Dead

There are simple universal laws of human life which cannot be violated without paying a painful price. Every great spiritual, philosophical and religious tradition has emphasised compassion, reconciliation, forgiveness and responsibility. These are not suggestions, they are laws of the universe, like gravity. If we follow them we will thrive, if not we will suffer. The socially-sanctioned hatred and rage which we express towards criminals in modern times violate these timeless instructions. We are breaking fundamental spiritual law and the price we are paying for it is increased crime, violence, depravity, hopelessness and of course, more hatred and rage.

I am one who suffers this, I am here on Death Row. I am not even 21 years old, take out of the world at a very young age, just 17, for a crime I didn't commit. That now is of most importance to me, to be free, to walk on grass, to smell the flowers, to be able to look up and see stars. But if I don't keep my mind intact, what would freedom be to me? If I am not fit to walk the streets because I am filled with hatred for people that hold me in a place where I shouldn't be?

So, I have taken it upon myself to remain free in mind, body and spirit. To do so I am reaching out for anyone that wishes to be my friend, to write to, to share what is going on down here on Texas Death Row. Alone I know I'll not make it, because we all need someone and at this time I have very few who I can trust. I have my family somewhat, but their love is unconditional and they are supposed to love and care for me. What about friends, pals.

Someone that picks me as a friend because they want to, not because I can give them money or let them ride in my car, or any of the other thing that people crowd around you and pretend to be your friend for. We all know about this and have had so called friends like this. Now that I am in a position where I can't do these things for people they no longer want to be my friend. They don't write, come visit or anything. What have I done to deserve this? Nothing!

So I reach out for all that would like a friend. I know I don't mention much about my case, but I'll do that on a personal note. Write, and I'll tell you my story.


Geno Wilson
Polusky Unit / 999340
3872 FM 350 South
Texas 77351