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by Bigfoot Canales #999366

You here them 2 dudes talking down on the run?

That's my Dawgs! They ain't yelled down here yet 'cause they know the bigfooted jew don't do no talking until after the young and the restless goes off at noon!

But you can hear them, barking loud and kicking up some dust, yelling about something they did in the world and just gotta tell ya how it went down my Dawgs!

What makes me cut for these fools is that they know how to laugh! There are just 2 in my Dawg pound but no matter if its 2 or all they know how to live it and kick it with realness and you can't ask more from a Dawg.

My Dawgs know what it is, and what'll be, and can hit the highs and lows and all switches when rollin' down the street. These are my boys and it's a glad M/F I am to know-em!!

I don't ask their past and dig into their business! Why should I? Ain't no never mind to me. We're all chamber bait, waiting for a deadmans sheet.

I see my Dawgs, who come to me, with a smile and joke to ease the stress of the row, I feel the respect we have for one another and the ability to reach out a hand to help when it's needed.

Ain't no Dawg on the row gonna be without, not if he's real and can be looked at as a man!

My first Dawg South-Park said I ain't got much, homie, but what I got is yours when you need.

That's a Dawg! The real dawg knows how to do his, and tries to help others, learn to do theirs.

My Dawgs are all over the building and don't stay in one place, but my boys just gotta yell when they need bigfoot for something!

I got a few Dawgs who are waiting for their dates and I want them to know that I hate it!

This is something we'll never get used to, or find comfort in.

When you lose a Dawg it's a sad and painful ordeal.

But one thing is certain. I enjoyed my time with my Dawgs and will miss my boys. But, know this. I may end up walking thru that door myself and ease outta this world and like the idea that when I get to the next my Dawgs will be there and I can finish telling you about the time I went to Mexico with a blind hooker and an old rambler!!!

In the meantime, you stay strong, keep it real and know that your Big Dawg got love for ya!

Well, gotta go Dawgs. Victor and Nicku about to fight and Jack Abbot is goin' to burn Phylis Summers, Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!.

Anibal Canales
Polunsky Unit 999366
12002 FM 350 South
Texas 77351