Iím writing from the infamous death row in Texas, reaching out with a hand of friendship hoping youíll allow me the chance to share with you of me, and perhaps the chance for us to become friends. My incarceration at times can be unbearable, in times like this I know having a friend I can turn to will help ease the stress and burden as I fight for my life.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Son Tran. Iím an Vietnamese male incarcerated on Texas Death Row since 2001. Iím 23 years old. Iím good natured, easy going, and open minded to most things. Iím very well mannered and disciplined. I carry a positive out look towards life, and enjoy to see smiles on the face of whoever may be around me.

I am a person who enjoys to read. I have a passion for writing poetry and drawing when the spirit hits. Iím into fitness and working out. I enjoy playing sports: basketball, football, handball. I enjoy listening to music ans singing. I am a person who likes learning, especially more about myself, to understand yourself better will enable you to help others understand you, and appreciate who you are.

Iíd like to continue on, but I will close out for now. Iíve enjoyed this time spent with you, and hope this brief introduction has given you an interest to write. If you should feel the slightest urge--- then wrote. Iíd love to hear from you? donít be shy.

Please click here for a piece of writing by Son


Son Tran
Polunsky Unit #999372
3872 FM 350 South