* A Motherís Love *

As I stare into my motherís eyes
and I see her love for me,
my eyes get teary, my vision clouds.
I do everything I can
To fight back my tears ---
I havenít cried since I donít know when,
But seeing the sadness in my mother
As she attempts to smile, just breaks my heart.
I try to reach out and comfort her,
To reassure her I will be OK ---
But the glass window between us wonít budge.
So I just stand staring, feeling hopeless,
With silent tears running down my face.

S. Tran Ď02

* Will You Listen? *

Iím living in hell, cold and alone;
My only wish is to be released and go home.
Each day I struggle for peace to find ---
I canít let this place take whatís left of my mind.

Yet late at might I can hear him screaming.
Heís trapped inside, begging God for freedom,
Wishing he were only dreaming;
And praying for forgiveness no doubt,
But what does God have in store for a soul crying out?

Every man behind these walls has his own story to tell,
A personal pain on which to dwell.
But who will listen to us,
Listening when society says our punishment is only justice?

S. Tran Ď01

* Prison Dreams *

Kiss me girl and let me know youíre near.
I see in your eyes that your love for me is pure.
Thereís no question of our love, of its certainty,
For our lovemaking sparkles so passionately.
If this is a dream, please let this scene remain;
Donít send me back to reality --- donít bring back my pain,
My pain of loving you from behind these prison walls.
Donít let me die alone with this broken heart of mine ---
Shattered into a million pieces, never again to entwine;
Donít let my love for you haunt me like this,
Carrying it with me, knowing that your touch Iíll always miss.
And if this truly is a dream, then let me die in my sleep,
For were I to wake, I would surely weep:
Iíd be back alone in this cell, behind these merciless walls.

S. Tran Ď01

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