My name is Guadalupe Esparza;

Iím a Hispanic-American born in San Antonio, Texas, Nov 21st 1964. When I was in the freeworld, I was a bricklayer building houses in the day and also worked part-time as a Grill Cook at night. Iíll describe myself. Iím 5í5Ē in height. I weight 175 lbs. I have brown eyes and black hair. I like to go jogging 2 or 3 times a week. I am a catholic and have very strong religious beliefs. I am currently single and Iím looking for friendship with a woman and I will keep my letters respectful always. I am in prison, death row at this time and I have my case on appeal and I hope to get my case overturned, and I hope to go back to the freeworld.

I arrived in prison May 25 2001; When I was in the freeworld I liked to go swimming and camping. I also enjoyed doing Bar-B-Que cookouts. I like to listen to classic rock and country music and Tejano music too.

Iím a very sincere person and I care about peopleís feelings. I treat people with respect always. I hope that whoever reads this letter will to to correspond with me and start a friendship. Please write a letter at the address below.

I thank you for your time and may ďGodĒ bless you always!

Mr. Guadalupe Esparza #999385
Plounsky Unit
3875 FM 350 South
TX 77351

Legal Appeal

I am looking for a lawyer or someone that can help me with my Capital Case.

I was convicted on DNA results (inconclusive) and the district attorney used 2 jailhouse snitches to lie on the stand to build a case against me. I had no help from my trial attorneys, and they didnít care to investigate my case and help me in any way. I come from a poor family. Before coming to death row I worked full time as a bricklayer, building houses for a company called Tilson Corporation based in Boerne, Tx. My boss ĎMandoí has a contract with them to build houses all over Texas. I also worked as a Grill Cook at night at Papa Johnís Pizza in San Antonio, Tx. I was on parole since January 1996 for an old drug conviction of March 1993, but that was behind me. I had changed my life and was working 2 jobs to make it in the freeworld and I has settled down. I have a little daughter, Niclole, who stays in San Antonio with my ex-girlfriend. I donít think itís right that the San Antonio police want to target me because I have a criminal record and because I know the complainants family. I was in jail 22 months before I went to trial and I only had 2 legal visits from my defense attourneys.

All they did was give me a bunch of lies and they never wanted to investigate my side of the story, because they were judging me and treating me with prejudice. I found out on direct appeal, May 14 2002 that the stateís prosecutor withheld forensic reports 10 and 11. The genescan reports showed (inconclusive) results which could be interpreted as a non-match of the appellants DNA! Vital evidence was erroneously excluded from admission in which the appellant was denied his fifth and fourteenth amendment due process rights of the US constitution.

And the Jury was denied exhibits containing exculpatory evidence which showed reasonable doubt.

Also in my Habeas Corpus writ files 3-3-03 stated that the jury expressed some question on the validity of the ĎDNAí when it was submitted a question to the court requesting additional information which was not explained during the Stateís testimony. Iím innocent of this capital charge, yet here I am on Texas Death Row. Iím sure that at least 50% of the people on Death Row were railroaded by their own trial attorney! I know that if I could find a lawyer to help me (pro bono) with my case, I can show proof with statements and pictures and film tape to back up my claims of police brutality and prosecutor misconduct and civil rights violations.

Everyday I pray to God to help me find someone to help me with my case? I am a Catholic and I believe in God very much. A lot of people want to judge us on Death Row for the criminal case and they donít see everything the state prosecutor has hidden from the public! And we, the minority of all races get railroaded and our lives taken away without a proper legal defense.

I ask you out there to write me and see if you can perhaps help me in any way, Iíd be grateful. I thank you again for your time, and please correspond with me at the address above.