Dear Friends

Hello, my name is Gilmar Alexander Guevara and I am presently a Texas Death Row prisoner. I am interested in writing anybody who is willing to write to me. I am a Salvadorian and speak little of the English language. Not knowing English is a big problem for me. I am trying to learn English so I can express my feelings and communicate with everyone instead of just people who can read and write Spanish. I have been here on Death Row over twenty four (24) months and I do not have a single penpal. I am hoping that writing this will allow people to understand the loneliness I am feeing and that someone is willing to start corresponding with me.

Being isolated in these type cells without something to occupy my mind is torture. Texas death row prisoners are not permitted to watch television. WE are not permitted to make crafts. We are not permitted to work. And we are not permitted to mingle with any other death row prisoners. Yes, I pass all my time alone in my cell which is made of solid concrete and steel. I am only allowed one hour out of my cell each day for recreation. That hour I am in a huge gorilla cage made of solid iron. The isolation is maddening. Receiving any letters from people in the free world, where I can visualise being in freedom, would be wonderful.

I am five feet seven inches tall, one hundred and sixty pounds with light complexion, brown hair and brown eyes. Iím thirty three years old. I like almost all kinds of sport, but my favourites are football, basketball, soccer, boxing, camping, fishing and swimming.

It would be best if I can correspond with someone who doesnít correspond with any other Texas death row prisoners, because it has caused problems in the past with other prisoners I know.

I am looking forward to hearing from anyone who is willing to correspond with me and help me overcome this boredom. I hope I will hear from a few people who will want to share my experience and for me to hear about their life.


Gilmar Alexander Guevara

Gilmar Guevera #999390
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South