What's going on! My name is Reginald W. Blanton. I was raised in San Antonio, Texas, though I was born in Oakland, California. My family and I (as a child) moved to Texas and I've lived here ever since. The farthest I've travelled since is to Oklahoma.

I like to read and am interested in different cultures, lifestyles and languages. I can only read about them, but would love to correspond with individuals who actually live and speak their culture. Well, anyone for that matter. Age and gender is not a factor to me! At All!

I love music and am very versatile as far as the type of music I indulge in. I compose music and poetry to escape. I also like to work out. I have to relieve the stress somehow (grin!).

I'm 6'2” or so. An African-American male. I like the sunrise and sunset, as well as the rain (thunder and lightening included).

I've been on “death row” for 9 months. I've been locked up since April 14 of 2000.

I'm seeking friendships for as long as possible!

Can we intellectually stimulate each others minds, heart and soul?

You won't know unless you've tried (Grin!)

Have a lovely day



Reginald Blanton
Polunsky Unit/999395
3872 FM 350 South

Everyone is and has been put on this each for a predestined purpose, as inevitable as the good and bad situations that we find ourselves in throughout life are. They all work together to serve a major purpose… to open the spiritual eyes on individuals. The eye-opening realization leads to the true interpretation of the individuals pre-destined purpose while in the earthly vessel. A purpose to inspire those from a simple greeting to personal testimony that is illuminated by a “light” that seasons the words and actions of the new creation making possible life-changing impressions on those directly and indirectly affected by the experiences of the born again. Impressions make memories… and memories last forever.