Greetings one and all!

To some I'm #999396 and that's all. I'm writing to you from my 7 X 10 cage in a State that is home to the busiest human slaughter house…

Texas Death Row!

I would like to share with you a view into my world.

Could you imagine no human contact, no visits from family and friends. One hour out of your cage only to go to another larger cage and call it recreation when there is nothing to recreate with but bars and concrete. How about 5 minute showers? Or food rations that could barely sustain a child let alone a grown man. I could go on and on but that is not the reason for me reaching out through pen and paper.

My reasons are to show you that I'm more than #999396. I'm an individual, a human just like every one on this earth. But in my small world in a world I'm not treated as such. So now I'm forced to search beyond the bars and concrete for you! So you can show me something more than the death that seems to seep from the walls and the evil that runs rampant daily! You see with all these factors I know I will never have what I solely desire, what I crave and what I will not be able to survive without and that's compassion.

Whether it's moral support, legal advice or help with corresponding material, or a card saying nothing more than “Hello! Would mean the world to something with nothing but a mind and soul to offer to those who accept, no matter if it's male or female. Black, white, green or yellow race. Nationality and age doesn't matter… could contact me at the following address:

Obie D. Weathers III
Polunsky Unit/999396
3872 FM 350 South
Texas 77351

In closing I would like to say to anyone who reads this, if you chose not to respond please take this advice with you:
Cherish life, family and friends to the fullest because… nothing and no one is promised and at anytime you or a love can be where I am at.
Thank you for your time.