Hello and greetings,

My name is William Speer. I am on death row. I am pretty new to Death Row. I am a male, 27 years of age. My eyes are greenish brown, my hair is dark brown. I am 6'1”, weigh around 225 Lb.

I am interested in people who are understanding, caring and are open. Other interests are in Greek and Hebrew language and writings, Apologetics and Creation. I mostly read educational books. I do like a good book though I'd prefer non-fiction.

I like cooking good food (smile!) I like a little sports, fishing, biking, skating, quiet walks, working with my hands on many things to name a few, woodwork, leatherwork, drawing, electronics, speakers. A am not afraid to get my hands dirty.

I like art, beautiful pictures of sunsets or sunrises, waterfalls, oceans, mountains. “So much beauty in the world”. Like nice country fields with flowers, or swaying grass, country bridges, butterflies and mushrooms. I like pets, fish variety, dogs variety, cats variety and birds variety.

I like to just stand and look into the clouds and think of how awesome and beautiful they are and the sky! I like the smell of freshly cut grass and cedar to name a couple. I like/love to laugh and have fun and make people feel good, be an encouragement, be a friend who can listen, also being loyal to a friend is very important to me. My word is also important and means a lot to me.

I do believe in God, love to talk and fellowship about Him too.

I like music like most do. I prefer music with a positive message though, I do like some classical music – symphony-orchestra. I grew up listening to rock and roll, a little country and '80s music.

I have not really been able to travel outside of Texas much – really just to Albuquerque, New Mexico (it was beautiful there though, smile!)

Some of my focuses in life are the family, children, helping people understand that raising children are/is critically important because if we don't the wrong person always will. Children spell love T-I-M-E. Teens too! Toys break and go away, time is priceless with memories. I want to leave helping, building and growing as the man I was supposed to be.

If any of these things interest you and you would like to contact or correspond with me, my address is:

William Speer
Polunsky Unit/999398
3872 FM 350 South
Texas 77351