Name:    Joe Villegas #999417
Address:Polunsky Unit 12EA-10
              3827 FM 350 South
              TX 77351
Race:    Hispanic Male
Description: 5'10, 185 lbs, light brown eyes, black hair.
Interests/looking for: My interests are many things. I enjoy reading and writing, listening to music and sports on my radio. I am a very understanding person and real easy going. I like learning new and interesting things about people and their lives and where it is they live. Although I do face the harsh reality of Death Row I still enjoy goof humor and love to laugh. I am looking for someone who will enjoy nice conversations about each other and out interests or hobbies. Also someone who is willing to open up because I am also a very open minded person. I can be a very good friend to you once we get to know each other. So I hope to hear from you and we can begin to develop a good friendship. With no work program or religious services offered to Death Row inmates, life here on Death Row consists of long, lonely days of solitary confinement. I hope to hear from you soon


Joe Villegas.