Hello there! My name is Frank and I知 on Texas Death Row. I知 looking for a pen-pal. Anyone who is willing to write to me is welcomed to do so, but I would prefer a female. As you may see by my TDCJ#, I haven稚 been here that long. I got here on Death Row June 2002.

I知 a Hispanic male of 30, though most people say I don稚 look my age. They say I look a bit younger.

I知 bilingual. I can read, write in Spanish, English and a very little French. I enjoy many things, but I値l only list a few. Here I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, working out, and listening to the radio.

Music, I enjoy all types of music. Rock, Soft Rock (easy listening), Oldies, Spanish and some Country. I mostly listen to it all really. I知 not into sports, but I do love drag racing and NASCAR ? that痴 one thing for sure.

When I was out there I also enjoyed the outdoors. Going out for night walks, fishing, swimming, movies and shopping are things I liked doing as well.

Well, those are just a few things I enjoy doing. I値l be looking forward to hearing from you.

God Bless


PS ? In case you need to know, I知 5?8?/5?9?, 160lbs, brown eyes, dark brown hair and have a light ruddy complexion.

Frank Garcia
Polunsky Unit/999418
3872 FM 350 South