At the age of 20 I was confronted with the face and reality of death…

Feb 2nd 2001, scared and cold I was as I fought for my life with a San Antonio Police Officer. But came a turning point where the fight would turn from who would win. Who would die…. Point blank his (officers) pistol was drawn to my face so quick that I hardly seen it coming. SO I did what a person, human in his/her right mind would do. Defend himself to survive. Our instincts are to survive… And I did by taking the gun away from the officer. My intentions to get up and run away. As I attempted to do so I was short stopped by this officers tackle. I had the gun in my left hand. He was over more to my right shoulder blade. Grabbing and trying to get back his weapon. I held up for a while keeping the gun away but the officer got a hold of my left arm pulling it to him and in that instant the weapon goes off.

But that what I just explained wasn’t believed by the cops nor by jury at my trial. So here I am left to find a source to help me get the financial aid and legal aid so that I may be freed some day. I can’t work for myself, but have been blessed with a talent to help myself and that’s art.

So please if you will, help. Your generosity goes further than eternity with me. If you wish to be just a friend that’s cool too. Death Row is a lonely place and it’s only in my hands and yours to see to it that we give all that we have in strengths that a life not be murdered just cause he tried not to be a murderer.

I do take requests for art work. I do all types. Mainly graffiti work. Just write and send me your request and we’ll go from there.

Manuel Garza
Polunsky Unit #999434
3872 FM 350 South