"Speak to the depressed soul, if error is what you looked for who could stand, woe to the wise in their own eyes…"

Yes, the words of the inspired prophets from our lovingly heaveningly father, yes we are commanded to speak to the depressed soul of our brothers and sisters thru the world regardless of race or religion… I extend my invitation to you to follow our heavenly fathers command… if error is what our heavenly father looked for, I would have expired years ago… woe to the wise in their eyes… the fact that God called to account those ancient Jews “wise in their own eyes” makes it all the more important for us to avoid relying on ourselves in determining right and wrong…

Yes, I’m 30 years old on Texas Death Row… I’m very much in need of a friend to speak to, due to my soul being depressed… I’m looking for a friend to correspond with while I journey thru a time of anguish and distress… Yes, I extend my invitation to you… For I’m not perfect, my invitation to all races and religion.

Dale Scheanette #999440
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South