Dear Friend. Greetings! My name is Angel Medrano and I'm currently incarcerated in Arizona Death Row. 
I am putting my name and address on the internet in a desperate attempt to receive some communication from the outside world. My community ties are virtually nonexistent and I'm without the support of family.
I am not looking for anyone in particular to write to, just anyone who would be interested and has a few moments to spare in writing a letter once in a while so we could establish a wonderful friendship and share some laughs, kindness, affection, happiness, and loving guidance. I have found it extremely difficult to make new friends in here and it gets pretty lonesome. I believe that the company by way of correspondence could change a lot of that.
If you decide you'd like to write, please feel free to ask anything your curiosity creates and talk about whatever you'd like. I'll answer your questions to the utmost, or as best I can. If you decide not to write, I can understand but could you please pass my information on to others in hopes that other people might like to write. I would certainly appreciate it.
My hobbies are reading, traveling, music, movies, sports, drawing, painting and writing poetry.

Friendship is a bond between two souls, inseparable in many ways.
A friend is a confidant, a companion, someone to share your innermost thoughts, fears, and happiness.
Friends stand by you when you fail and are there to share in your success.
They bring into your life a special kind of love.
The kind of love you thought you would never find in your lifetime.
Some find many friends to be fulfilling, some ask for only one.
Cherish those friends you have and love them as they are.
Stand by them without fail and they will be your friends for life.


Angel Medrano #44173
P.O. Box 3400
A.S.P. Eyman - SMU II
Florence, AZ 85232-3400