To anyone interested in a long term, sincere and honest friendship: I am a single male, forced to live in an isolated lonely world due to a serious miscarriage of justice, and looking for a pen pal, with the hopes of a metamorphasis to a true and lasting friendship. You will find me to be honest, sincere, caring, esay going, open minded on all subjects, and with a good sense of humor... my door key was lost and management at this luxory hotel refuses to issue a new door key, and the maid service is not reliable either. Some of my interests include photography, music, reading, chess, sports, camping, boating, fishing, etc.; having fun and enjoying life in general, being adventurous, and learning about cultures and customs. A person's look, race, age, gender and background are irrelevant in friendships for we are all of the human species; it is what is in our hearts that matters! So please pick up a pen and get to know me, you won't regret it. I have lived in the following communities throughout my life: Cambria County, Penna.; Harris County, Tex.; Galveston County, Tex.; Escambia County, Fla.; and Santa Rosa County, Fla. Looking forward to all inquiries and/or letters. Thank you for taking the time to read my column... may your day be nice, and filled with peace. 
Please write to:

Raymond Wilke #116838
Box 221-AI (P51275)
Raiford, Fla. 32083-0221 / USA