Excited Greetings Potential "Friend";

Hello! Hello! Hello!

It's been 13 1/2 years now, since another and I was flung into the grasp of the claws of the Indiana State Court System, where it's seasoned agents rallied (with little adversary-resistance from the so-called defenders of our rights) and achieved our convictions for two (2) counts of felony (while committing a robbery) murder of the elderly couple, Mrs. & Mr. Reese. The agents (persecutors) argues the only retribution for the crime, or crimes against Mrs. & Mr. Reese on August 12th, 1986, was to do the same to us. In February, 1987, we were sent to the Indiana State Prison to await our turn to be inject with poison until we die.

These 13 1/2 years has been something I'd not wish upon someone I'd call my enemy. Envelopment and magnification of strain, anxiety, fustration, tension and the constant assault upon any sense (we rejects from the outer world might have possessed) of distinguishing wrongness and rightness dwelling in our brains and spirits, resulting in an inescapably quick erosion of anything about the condition of our (too many) physical health that may've been good. The variety of unimaginable encounters. The mentalities: books, magazines, newspapers, novels, periodicals, newsletters, radio and the one (1) with the most potential to be dangerous "television" (we call the IDIOT-BOX). Of which no external force in anyway hinted at that i, at the very least, should consider giving some of my young-time to when i was (once upon a time) and that place/that space i only now absorb byway of printing presses and electronics transmissions.

Listen, i no longer wonder whether an informed person is something that should be taken extremely serious- as any (potentially epidemic) disease. i undoubtably know now. Even more so and more importantly, when they woe themselves into power-positions, and where a podium is provided, and thus, granting "access" to the gateways into a whole lot gray and white matter. With all this deliberate misinformation and playing on fears, i can only want (really PLEAD FOR) a correspondence pulsating with as much truth, energy, consistency, questions/answers, exploration in day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month and year-to-year experiences as one is able. i just don't want someone to tell me how and what they're feeling - nnnooooo- i want You to share with me why and how You come to believe, or think You came to feel this way and that way (feelings do have a base You know, whether on fact or fiction, it's still a base)!

Finally, the above was typed by me:
Bro. y.adofo ruhamah (f/s/n: darnell williams).
Appeared on this planet: 07 31 66
Been on this planet: 34 years.
My spirit is housed in the soul of a hue-man (Afrikan descendant); i see from: brown eyes (medium tint); i possess a frame that is 6'1" and gravity pulls this biochemical and electric material organism of 240 pounds; the life on my head is Locked-up (a.k.a. Love-locks) and on my face is a braided beard and lastly, some tattoos.
i leave You now and hope balance, understanding, consistency and great health are Your constant companions!!!!! And hope You dare dust the cobwebs from Your writing hand or typewriter and embark upon this mental and emotional uplifting.

Bro. y.adofo ruhamah (f/s/n: Darnell Williams) #872037
P.O. Box 41
Michigan City,
IN 46361-0041