I love honesty - that is, I prefer to share in any real person, rather than illusion. I'm not judgemental, and certainly I know we all have good and bad. I like to give smiles and share in smile of others, and I like to give hugs when someone msay want or need one. I enjoy sharing in life, looking for new things to appreciate along the way.
I like the outdoors - boating a pretty river, or just hanging out on the riverbank; camping, dirt bikes.... and I like seeing those bird and trees and such too.
I like the night air - from smelling it to breating it, liking stars on a clear night, and also like rainstorms. I like chocolates, strawberries, pizza, seafood and kittens (no, I don't like eating the kittens, I just threw them in with the food... cause they get hungry too). I'm eager to meet you and answer your letters, so........ hope to see you soon......
Alan Dale Walker

Alan Dale Walker
Unit 32C
C/P -77293A
MS 38738